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Atomic FE is a Front-End for Multi-emulators.

It’s been made mainly to be used with games of arcade MAME.

Furthermore, it would be possible to utilize Atomic FE with any other emulator as a result of small configuration efforts.

Eventually, Atomic FE can be used to launch any application, as well as simply as a menu control!

This front end is optimized for MAME and its derivatives (ADVMAME, FASTMAME, etc...).

The main objective of Atomic FE is to function within a real arcade cabinet, and to be driven using joysticks as well as the buttons.

In other words, it can work perfectly well with a keyboard or arcade controls.

And last but not least, this Front End is completely configurable: it supports all the resolutions, all graphic cards (including ArcadeVGA), and is capable of functioning with the majority of emulators that accept command lines.

If you want have a quick idea of what Atomic can do in term skin (layout) look that video:
(Warning:Video are low quality and just give an little idea how AtomicFe looks like in action)

AtomicStudio (configuration tool)

Few videos of Atomic's user project!

Have a look to the screenshot section too!

Well, enjoy Atomic FE!

Last News:

01/01/2011: Happy New Year!

01/23/2010: Patch for AtomicFE Updated

01/01/2010: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

12/04/2009: Patch for AtomicFE Updated

11/20/2009: New layouts on line!

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