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  • Works under Windows XP , Windows 2000 (+directx7 ou >), Windows 98 (and Windows 95!!)) (+directX 7 ou >).
  • Support all versions of MAME , and all emulators which allow command-line launch
  • Support all ArcadeVGA's specifics resolutions, and all graphic card even the oldest.
  • Support vertical screens (include Autorotate depending on the last game launched)
  • Fully customisable
  • Customisable, Animated ,multi-layered and Scripted Skins!
  • Advanced graphics effects (mirroring, reflecting, Gradual Alpha blendig)
  • Built'in JukeBox!
  • Built'in Video JukeBox VIDEO!
  • Allow to sort roms based on Ini file like genre.ini,hardware.ini..Etc..
  • Allow the use of multiple emulator on a same configuration.
  • Multi-configuration : You can navigate through configuration tree you built.
  • Screen savers
  • Snap Video
  • Support Game List containing games from various Emulators
  • Native Support of Zinc
  • Open source Plug'in System based on VBScript!
  • Credit management from the Front End (For now desactivated due to the disagreement of the mame Team)
  • run random game in case of inactivity with insert credit detection
  • can run game (randomly or not) at the first run of the FE. (you can boot directly in Pacman and when you exit you are back to the FE)
  • Fully scriptable
  • AutoRotate of the FE depending of the game runned
  • Mirror type screen support
  • Light gun and Touch Screen support
  • LED-Wiz native support!
  • Live Game list Filter
  • advanced Video screen saver (aka Emumovies Screensaver)
  • More and More...etc..etc..

  • Last News:

    01/01/2011: Happy New Year!

    01/23/2010: Patch for AtomicFE Updated

    01/01/2010: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    12/04/2009: Patch for AtomicFE Updated

    11/20/2009: New layouts on line!

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